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“Introvert Power” : Introversion, Unleased!

Introverts are on the rise.

Since Marti Olsen Laney published The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World in 2002, books on why it’s OK to be introverted have started to take off. A concerned introvert myself, I’ve been flipping through titles for years.

But, Laurie Helgoe’s Introvert Power: Why Your Inner Life is Your Hidden Strength knocked my socks off.

First, Helgoe is HILARIOUS. Her book is the most entertaining non-fiction work I’ve read in years! Her humorous voice makes psychology palatable and accessible.

Helgoe also tells great stories to back up her arguments. Too often in non-fiction books, authors use cliche, bare bones “real life” examples. And that was the time that my dad taught me basketball and I learned about perseverance…..

So, what is Helgoe talking about? Her book is an unapologetic ode to introversion in all its forms: from goths to otakus to extrovert wannabes, Helgoe’s perspective is hip and up-to-date.

Helgoe challenges the premise that introverts are minorities and that they need to become more like extroverts to succeed and get satisfaction from life. In fact, she claims that there may even be more introverts in the world than extroverts.

Introvert Power is a must-read for all introverts and could teach extroverts a thing or two as well.

Helgoe covers a broad range of topics in a compact space: the nature of introversion, finding fulfillment as an introvert, making peace with an extroverted society, and finding meaningful relationships and careers.

Introvert Power is informative, inventive, funny, and a quick read.

Pick up a copy at your local library today!


~ Michelle


Check out Laurie Helgoe’s websites:


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