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Shakesperience: A New Way to Experience Shakespeare

So, I am slightly biased because I am an intern at Sourcebooks, but this was way too cool to pass up. The office has been abuzz the past two days over the launch of “Shakesperience.”

Shakesperience is a new interactive mixed-media e-book designed to help students and the general public “get into” Shakespeare. Explanations of complex Shakespearean words and metaphors are embedded into the e-book to help readers flow through narratives more naturally.

Calvin Reid expounds on Shakesperience’s multi-media elements in a Publisher’s Weekly article aptly titled “Sourcebooks Upgrades the Bard”:

“The e-books offer video and audio presentations of classic scenes and performances from such actors as Orson Welles, Paul Robeson, Dame Judie Dench, Kenneth Branagh, Sir Laurence Olivier, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sir John Gielgud and many others, available throughout the digital edition by just touching or swiping the screen. There’s more: the e-book provides presentations that examine individual scenes in different ways, offering analysis, historical context and interviews with full casts and directors, galleries of images of costume and set design and interviews with voice coaches on how to approach the Bard’s various characters, language and scenes.”

Othello, Romeo and Juliet, and Hamlet are all available now on iTunes, and they are on promotion for $5.99.

Are you ready to experience Shakespeare as never before? I know I am!




For more on Shakesperience, check out these links:

Shakesperience. Focusing on the experience of reading Shakespeare. |


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