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Cat People: A Hilariously Entertaining Review of a Hilariously Entertaining Book

I recently discovered this book quite by accident. After extensive book window shopping at Barnes and Noble, I made a list of about thirty books I planned to read this month. Then, list in hand, I set off to find the books at my local library (which just so happens to be quite good). Locating all of the books on my list took several trips and inter-library loans, but now they have almost all arrived.

On my last trip, however, as I carefully balanced a dangerously precarious pile of books after checking out, a small, rather nondescript book on a display across the room caught my eye. Stepping a bit closer, I realized the book was actually not so bland-looking. It was, in fact, my vision, which is quite horrible at a distance.

The books was called Cat People. Leaning in closer still, I deciphered a rather lengthy subheading in all caps: A HILARIOUSLY ENTERTAINING LOOK AT THE WORLD OF CAT LOVERS AND THEIR OBSESSIVE DEVOTION TO THEIR PETS. Beneath the subheading was a quite charming little sketch of a sofa full of cats (with a few inundated humans). Intrigued, I carefully shifted my tottering pile of books to one hand and nimbly placed the cat book on top.

What followed was several nights of sheer delight and side-splitting laughter. Cat People is a collection of short stories, which can be read independently or together, detailing the antics and life sagas of the Korda cats. Or, rather, as the authors astutely note, the cats which lived in or around the Korda house (as cats do not see themselves as “owned” by humans). This is not to say, however, that this book is all giggles. There are a few sad stories and some which make interesting, but not particularly humorous observations. Still, do not be put off by this fact.

Utterly original and beautifully crafted, Cat People makes for a lovely little gift for any cat lover or a fine coffee table conversation starter.

Take a look at this purrfectly enchanting book today.




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