A Cup to Read With

A Cup to Read With: Do-It-Yourself Dark Chocolate Mocha

For a number of summers as a high school student, I worked as a barista–first, at an independent cafe and then, at a Starbucks. While I wasn’t a coffee drinker then, I am now. A year without access to Mountain Dew while living in Paris cured me of my distaste of the dark, bitter beverage.

To pinch pennies now that I am employed pro bono, I have started experimenting with crafting my own coffee beverages. My favorite thus far is the dark chocolate mocha.

To make your own dark chocolate mocha, you should gather the following ingredients:

– plain coffee (dark or medium-roast)

– dark chocolate (I use dark chocolate Hershey Kisses or dark chocolate Hershey’s Bliss)

– milk or half ‘n’ half

Kitchen-wise, you will be set if you have access to:

– a whisk

– a spoon

– a coffeemaker

– a pot

– a stove

– a mug

Now, to make your mocha:

To start, brew 2/3 of a mug of coffee. First, fill your mug up 2/3 of the way with water.  Then, pour that water into your coffee maker. Make the coffee a bit darker than you usually drink it by adding more grounds.

While the coffee is brewing, pour approximately 1/3 of a mug of milk or half ‘n’ half into a pot on your stove top. Start heating the milk on low.

Then, drop 2 Hersey Kisses into the milk and stir slowly until the chocolate has dissolved into the milk. Then, whisk the chocolate milk until a layer of foam forms on top.

Pour coffee and chocolate milk into your mug and Presto!  You have a dark chocolate mocha in five minutes or less for under a dollar.

For extra chocolatey goodness, use three Kisses.


~ Michelle


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