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History by the Glass

Have you ever wondered how beer shaped history? Or, what about my personal favorite, tea? Chances are the history of food and beverages didn’t make it into your high school or even your college history classes. As you may have figured out, however, the most interesting things in history often fly under the radar.

Tom Standage adopts a refreshingly innovative approach to historical narrative in A History of the World in Six Glasses. Standage manages to cram the entire history of humanity from the Stone Age through the twenty-first century into one book seen through the lens of six beverages: beer, wine, tea, coffee, coca-cola, and spirits.

Standage’s book is a bouquet of entertaining tidbits and informative facts, soft and piquant. At the same time, A History of the World in Six Glasses has unexpected depths. Standage challenges readers to broaden the way they conceive of history in a subtle, yet effective, way.

Is your palate ready for history as you’ve never tasted it before?


~ Michelle


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