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Modmanuscript Poised for Twitter Take-Off

It has come to my attention that Twitter is important. I have always been a bit parsimonious in my social media usage. I held off getting a Facebook until the last possible minute and still use it more conservatively than most. This blog and now its Facebook page and Twitter account are my first concerted foray into social media land.

Why did I decide to take the leap? These social media venues are the home of aspiring wordsmiths everywhere. Today, employers gauge candidates writing ability by social media usage, and experience in Twitter, Facebook, and blogging are marketable skills. This is doubly true for the world of book publishing.

Now, I have literally no Twitter experience, so I decided to read up on Twitter. In preparation for Twitter take-off, I read Twitter for Dummies and Twitter Marketing for Dummies. Were they helpful books? You will have to judge for yourself by taking a look at modmanuscript on Twitter.

Want to get in on the Modern Manuscript Twitter experiment?

Post your comments and ideas! Is there anything book/publishing related that you’re itching to hear more about? Do you have any tips for Twitter beginners? Anything you wish you had known when you started? Any good book groups to follow?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


~ Michelle


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