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Article of the Week: The Bookstore Brain

This week I am starting a new initiative on the Modern Manuscript: article of the week. I read any number of articles over the course of the week in newspapers, magazines, journals, etc. Usually, one stands out above the rest as particularly interesting, insightful, or innovative. Now, once a week, I’ll say a few words and provide a link to one of those great articles, in hopes that they find wider readership.

The article of the week this week is an essay by Sam Sacks from The New Yorker entitled “The Bookstore Brain: How Bookstores Choose Their Books.”

Sack’s article is an ode to the bookstore. It details his own experiences working as a bookstore clerk and then as a bookstore volunteer over a number of years with scintillating imagery.

In unpacking the nature of the bookstore, Sacks claims that bookstores, particularly independent ones, are “human places.” They are an extension of those who create them–those who choose which books to include or exclude.

To read Sacks’s wonderful article visit:


~ Michelle


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