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Article of the Week: Big Reading, A Hike Through Dickens

This week’s article of the week is from The New Yorker. Written by Brad Leithauser, “Big Reading: A Hike Through Dickens” details one author’s personal journey as he reads his way through all of Dickens’s collected works. This is quite an extensive undertaking, as Dickens’s fiction titles total more than 9000 pages.

Leithauser is witty, insightful, and a joy to read. He combines his own ideas with the critical eye of an experienced writer and one knowledgeable about the history of Dickens’s works. To top it off, his prose sings with an unforgettable voice.

To read Leithauser’s article, visit:


~ Michelle


3 thoughts on “Article of the Week: Big Reading, A Hike Through Dickens

  1. Don’t stop there! I also loved The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby and of course, Great Expectations. What I found strange and interesting is that after reading Dickens, I would come away thinking in Dickens-speak, my thoughts forming themselves as if I were a character in one of his novels. And often I would feel emotionally exhausted. Dickens was expert at plucking the heart strings.

    Another splendid post. So glad you’re blogging. 🙂

    • I’m afraid I can’t take all the credit for this one. It’s an article from the New Yorker which I found and thought my readers might enjoy! I know I did!! And, it did fit in with the “great books” theme I wrote about earlier. I’ve always liked to listen to Dickens as books on tape. I found it less exhausting, but then you really start thinking in “dickens-speak.” Thanks again for reading, and commenting!

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