NaNoWriMo Collective Experiment Update

The NaNoWriMo Collective Experiment is up on as an official participant once more.

There was a bit of a misunderstanding earlier today, but we’re back in business as a “rebel” project!

Let’s keep up the good work and post our 50,000 words in time!

Want to comment on the progress of the experiment? Post your comments on this page.


~ Michelle


16 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Collective Experiment Update

  1. Seriously going to need some editing. hah I put a K in where it should have been a B in Lukavitchers. Should be Lubavitchers. aaarrghh. Also have some historical references that need alteration (which I’m sure you’ve already realized.) Will send changes soon.

  2. Correction for the last part I wrote: Aaargh!!!

    Constance frowned and came to look. “Of course, you’re right.” Then her brow crinkled and she looked at him. “But that doesn’t make sense either. It couldn’t have been her daughter who died in 1915, not if she went on to give birth to Odette.”

    Gilbert studied the paper very carefully and said, “There are two inks, Connie. This record was altered at some point, perhaps for a very good cause, considering the secrecy and turmoil surrounding the poor woman’s life. Perhaps she meant to obfuscate the facts for a reason, hide the dates and births of her children.”

    He looked knowingly at his wife and Constance swallowed.

    “So you’re on to me now, is that it? You see where my ‘novel’ is coming from now don’t you?”

    “Yes,” he nodded. “And I think it’s wonderful. I’m thinking everyone at the hall is going to love it when you’re finished. You are going to share all of this with them, aren’t you?”

    Yes she was. But the story wasn’t quite finished yet.

    Still working on the historical stuff to be corrected. (Like you my son graduated with a degree in History, but his minor was Mandarin, not Japanese. He’s trying to help.)


  3. A useful minor! I’m definitely the dreamer of the family. My parents died when I declared a history major, and then studying French and Japanese after that didn’t help. 🙂 The rest of my family all do practical things: teaching, nursing, computer engineering.

    Yes, I was off in the country, in a place without internet. I’m back now though. Did you have a happy Thanksgiving?

    Everything should be corrected and up-to-date now!

  4. We may yet end up with more if while during our edit we find things that need further explanation. I feel like we may not have given Sylvie all the attention she needed, but we can see how it goes. I’m going to save all of it and highlight in yellow anything I change/correct and highlight in grey anything I feel should be removed completely. I said I’d get it to you today but it may in fact be tomorrow at some point. Hope that’s all right? And if you want to extend the story, by all means, reopen the tale! 🙂

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