Help Name the NaNoWriMo Collective Experiment!

Have you been following along with the adventures of John Harridy, Zella Rose, and Leonard Walcott? We have officially passed 50,000 words in one month, and completed the NaNoWriMo challenge! But now, we need a name for our book, and we’re asking for your help.

As authors have the hardest time coming up with good names for their  books (approximately 70% of books published are renamed by editors before they hit the presses), we’ve decided to hold a naming contest. Until one week from now, Wednesday December 5 at midnight, you can submit up to fifteen name ideas for consideration in the comments section of this post.

Starting on the fifth, S.K. Epperson and I will pick our top five names together, and then submit those choices to a final vote with you, the readers, which will begin on Friday December 7 and close on Sunday December 9th. The name which receives the most vote wins, and you get to walk away with the fuzzy feeling that you helped name a novel (as someone who does this for a job, I can tell you it’s pretty fun).

Let the naming begin!


~ Michelle


So, let’s say hypothetically you haven’t been following along, or you’ve been waiting for the novel to be finished. It’s not too late to get involved. To start reading “Working Title” go to this page (and remember to flip back to the beginning of the comments section!):


5 thoughts on “Help Name the NaNoWriMo Collective Experiment!

  1. Can I just throw in a few fun ones in the ring to start off with? 😀

    Faust Higgins Gets More Than He Bargained For

    The Tale of El Greco the Mewing Muse

    Once Upon a Winthrop

    Gone With the Winthrop… ? hah

    The Walcott Experiment

    The Walcott Chronicles

    The Remains of the Day Leonard Met Sylvie

    The Zella Papers

    A Zella Carol

    Godzilla Deidre Vs Mothra Colin

    Aw shucks. Why do I get the feeling all of them sound so familiar?

  2. The Portrait

    The Elegy of Zella Rose

    On Winthrop Hall

    It Happened One December

    Up From the Ashes

    The Unlikely Tale of Chantilly Lane

    The Forgotten Namesake

    The Family Rose

    The Curious History of Winthrop Hall

    Winthrop Hall

    The Last Winthrop

    The Life of Winthrop Hall

    Twice: A Novel of Winthrop Hall

    The House of Winthrop

    The Memory House

  3. Okay, I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the last one. That title definitely has the level of intrigue we want. The penultimate title is good, too, and the ‘last’ anything is usually hook worthy. But my instinctive ‘click’ was the last title on the list.

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