Book Covers that Move You

Book Covers that Move You: Requiem

This edition of book covers that move you ran with the concept “less is more.” Requiem by Frances Itani first caught my eye while I was wandering through a local independent bookstore.  There was just something about the pop of the red sun on the white snow-laden trees, the unassuming type treatment, the graceful swoop of the “Q,” and the subtle angle of the trodden snow horizon which creates a certain quiet magic. Amidst a cacophony of color covers, flashy styling treatments, and bold designs, Requiem rose above the din. The muted symbolism of the Japanese flag, made manifest by the juxtaposition of the snow and the crimson dot, lingers in the corners of the viewer’s mind, inspiring an inkling of the subject strong enough to inspire the curiosity necessary to take a leap and read the flap.


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