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Christmas with the Windhams

As the holidays are fast approaching, I thought it fitting to pepper in a few reviews of books suited to the season. Tonight we begin with romance, the genre which perhaps capitalizes most on Christmas tie-in books. After all, who doesn’t like to read about love during the holiday season?

sophie_244wI would like to turn the spotlight tonight on an up-and-coming and under-appreciated author of regency romances, Grace Burrowes. The by-line of her website sums up the finer qualities of her books succinctly: “Beautiful love stories, beautifully told.” Burrowes writes romance novels with great characters, witty dialogues, and stunning prose which, while being light and enjoyable reads, don’t require you to check your IQ at the door.

Burrowes’s largest series to-date revolves around the Windham family, led by the Duke and Duchess of Moreland. A loving, if sprawling, familial unit, the Windhams are quirky and endearing. Two books in this series unfold during yuletide: Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish and Lady Louisa’s Christmas Knight.


Both books are brimming with steaming sensuality, masterfully maintain suspense, and feature romances in which children with single parents or no parents at all bring couples together in the spirit of Christmas.

Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish revolves around the soft-hearted yet practical Sophie. Never one to turn away a stray, Sophie is left strapped with the newborn baby of a runaway servant. Hopelessly lacking in child-rearing skills, Sophie finds help in the unlikeliest of places.

In Lady Louisa’s Christmas Knight, the more lordly than lady-like Louisa finally finds love in the arms of a wounded knight and single father in want of a wife.

Either book is sure to bring mirth and merriment this holiday season.


~ Michelle


For more information on Grace Burrowes and her other equally entertaining titles, visit her website:


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