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Article of the Week: Readers Share Memories of Special Holiday Books

Today I would like to turn your attention to a fantastic article from the Chicago Tribune‘s books section. Entitled “Memories that bind: Readers share the books that made their holidays glow,” the stories selected by the editors are all heartfelt and moving. Not only that, they show that often times the simplest of gifts–a good book–is the greatest one of all. The physical article is on page fourteen of December 22nd’s edition of the Chicago Tribune.

A selection of the article and an online version from last year (with different stories) can be found at these websites:,0,1015164.story


I thought I would also take this opportunity to share a short holiday book memory of my own. When your mother teaches and tutors young students in reading, it is an acknowledged truth that you will receive many books for Christmas (and every other holiday). Sometime in late grade school, I discovered Tamora Pierce’s wonderful young adult fantasy books, and a love affair began. From that point on, I could expect a copy of Pierce’s latest book under the tree every year, and I, to this day, associate her books with some of my best holiday memories spent curled up reading under the Christmas tree.

Do you have a special holiday book memory?

~ Michelle


5 thoughts on “Article of the Week: Readers Share Memories of Special Holiday Books

  1. I hope Santa does not disappoint you this year!

    My childhood holiday memories revolve around getting Nancy Drew books on Christmas Eve, so that I would go to bed early, leaving Santa to do his job. I remember the excitement of opening each new book to discover Nancy’s new mystery. She was the heroine of my generation, just like Alanna was to you.

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