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A Last Minute Literary Stocking-Stuffer for the Kids In Your Life

While children sit counting the seconds until Christmas morning, parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles everywhere are checking their lists with panicked fervor. Here is one last idea to consider as you make your final preparations for a magical holiday.

Cutting-edge independent publisher Sourcebooks just released a new children’s ebook platform which will soon be revolutionizing story time. A tablet app downloadable for free through the Apple app store, “Put Me In the Story” allows you to make your child the hero of a bestselling children’s book by inserting their name and photograph. Complete with sound effects, tactile interactive features, and an easy-to-use interface, “Put Me in the Story” also lets you read the original story or follow along as a professional voice actor reads you the book.

The Night Night Book by Marianne Richmond comes complementary with the free app, while other titles can be purchased for $4.99, including the more holiday-themed Santa is Coming to My House by Steve Smallman.

I downloaded the app and tested out the free book before sending it to the kids in my life this Christmas, and I was really impressed by this product. “Put Me in the Story” was simply a blast. There is just something inherently engaging about making bubbles and blocks fly across your tablet screen. In the age of video and computer games, many people–myself included–worry about the future of reading. Can children’s books–which rely on the oldest microchip, imagination–compete with the onslaught of technologically-enhanced fun? While we can think about reading and video games as opposing forces, initiatives like “Put Me in the Story”provide one example of how the marriage of technology and books give reading new life.


~ Michelle


Want to learn more about “Put Me in the Story”? Visit the “Put Me in the Story” website:


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