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“WTF Are Men Thinking?” The Answers May Not Be Elusive After All

wtfWTF are men thinking? This is a question women around the world ask themselves repeatedly, particularly on days like today, Valentine’s Day. While you may not buy into the idea that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, the two sexes are not always the greatest at communicating with one another. Is this general lack of understanding biological? cultural? or, all in our heads? While we cannot definitively pin down the reason, the fact remains that men often find women mysterious, and vice verse–which is where WTF Are Men Thinking? comes into play.

The Premise: Authors Christopher Brya and Miguel Almaraz, highly experienced market researchers who have spent their entire professional lives discerning what motivates people, ask women’s most pressing questions about everything from communication and relationships to sex and the workplace. Brya and Almaraz surveyed 250,000 US and Canadian men ages eighteen to sixty-six in 2010 to compile their book. They asked these individuals 250 questions, over 150 of which are featured in their guide.

The research which went into WTF Are Men Thinking? appears methodologically sound. Brya and Almaraz do a great job of balancing overall quantitative results with interesting, entertaining quotes from respondents–because, more often than not, a simple yes-no answer doesn’t leave space to address a complex question.

For example, when asked why they lie about little things, 65% of men said they bent the truth to avoid a conflict, 8% responded that they don’t lie, 2% said it was easier to lie, 8% claimed ego was involved, and 14% cited laziness.

The authors provided this quote, among other entertaining tidbits, with the statistical breakdown and analysis: “We lie because women will flip out sooooooooooo bad over the stupidest little thing. If they didn’t do that and were more understanding, we would be more truthful.”

At the end of each article, the authors bring the question nicely to a close with advice on “what to look out for,” or what stereotypes to reconsider.

The book as a whole is well thought out, carefully structured, and just long enough.

Whether you decide to use WTF as your all-purpose man guide or as advice to take with a grain of salt, you will walk away laughing. Even if they stake out the “higher purpose” of their fresh approach, Brya and Almaraz also undertake their project with a sense of humor. The authors write with a clear, witty voice which will keep you smiling as you read. In addition, well-chosen excerpts from the men interviewed offer additional comic relief.

All in all, WTF left me wondering what a survey of women would turn up for men . . .


~ Michelle


Do you have a question you’ve always wanted to ask? You can visit the WTF website and they’ll give you the statistics, analysis, and take away you’re looking for.


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