About The Modern Manuscript~

The Modern Manuscript strives to be a home for books that are timeless, whether they were published hundreds of years ago or yesterday. From children’s picture books and young adult fiction to literary masterpieces, commercial fiction, and non-fiction, the Modern Manuscript covers the whole kit and caboodle, because great books–the ones that define lives and teach us how to imagine–aren’t just the classics. Fantastic books are being written every day, and the Modern Manuscript aims to be a destination where readers can go to find these titles, whether they are blockbusters basking in the media’s glow or little known books deserving more attention.

In its capacity as a destination for readers, The Modern Manuscript also delves into book culture, from cover designs, questions of style, and publishing trends to book humor, exciting articles in the news, and the occasional hot beverage review (because who can resist a nice cup of tea, cocoa, or coffee while reading?!).

About Michelle Gaseor~

Base-portraitSpent my youth swinging from trees with books in hand, figure skating, and drawing. Skipped out on art school to indulge my passion for stories and skate for Notre Dame’s team—it’s good to be twice Irish. Endless curiosity led me to study European and East Asian history, world literature, and linguistics on three continents and at four universities. Loved tea before it was cool and make a mean boeuf bourguignon.

A Note About Design~

Not a penny went into designing The Modern Manuscript–only a lot of old-fashioned elbow grease and determination to make the most of the free and legal resources available on the Internet. Beautiful blogs can be made for free!


Queries and concerns can be directed to my email, mgaseor@gmail.com.


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    • Thanks for the nomination! This is actually my second Liebster Award. It’s always nice to know that your writing is appreciated. The chain always seems to circle back! I’m a bit behind on my posting (I’m moving soon), but I’ll see what I can do when I get a free moment.

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