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Book Buyer’s Remorse: Why I Only Buy Books After I Read Them.

From the time I had two pennies to rub together, I spent them at the bookstore. Inevitably, the sheer magnetic force of so much amazing reading material would part me with what little disposable income I had on hand. Family and friends alike learned that “going to the bookstore” entailed multiple hours of feverish exploration … Continue reading

George Sand in Culture: 5 Ways to Celebrate Her Life and Work
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George Sand in Culture: 5 Ways to Celebrate Her Life and Work

Author, militant, journalist, political agitator, friend of musicians, lover, artist, and baroness, George Sand lived with revolutionary flair for a woman in 19th-century France. Reviled and regaled by her contemporaries, Sand is celebrated as a prolific writer and a role model for contemporary women, balancing family life, love, and a multifaceted career. On today, her … Continue reading

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Top 13 Horrible Reviews of Literary Classics

Twenty-five years ago, editor Bill Henderson compiled the Rotten Reviews Redux, a compendium of the cruelest, most vitriolic reviews of literary classics. Henderson strikes again in a new 2012 edition. The editors of Publisher’s Weekly sifted through the book and picked out thirteen of their favorites. In turn, I selected the three I found most entertaining.  Hope … Continue reading